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Note : This the BUILDBOX BBDOC project, which does not have external assets images and music or IOS source code shipped only ANDROID STUDIO (added) CHECK COMMENT added

Buildbox Classic 2.21.4 is installed under this bundle through the buildbox's PRO LICENSE subscription.

If you don’t have one, try the classic monthly version :




Multiple Buildbox ProjectBuildbox The startup project


Buildbox Classic 2.21.4 ( Not Buildbox 3).
Android Studio Dog Cat | 2023.1.1
The Java version is “1.8.0_371”.

Additional downloads from the official Android Studio:

AGP version 8.1
There are 34 Android APIs


Change Package ID, App Name, logo, graphics and sound
Set Data and ADS ID
Be sure to replace the game name and package with YOUR own to avoid hitting the store
Included with other file documents

Additional guidelines for BUILDBOX 3 users:

Do not open this template (.bbdoc) file with buildbox 3, as it will not work.
Open this project with buildbox 2 Software 2.21.4 or higher (if available).


If you have not installed the BUILDBOX 2.0 SOFTWARE:

See the official link: https://accounts.buildbox.com/licenses
Enter your account
Download the version for your device ( Windows or Mac ).
Expand the details menu to get your license key
Install the buildbox 2.0 software.
Enter your license key from the previous step.
Upgrade to the latest available software ( if available).
Open the buildbox.bbdoc project and enjoy.


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